We found each other, moved away from everyone and everything.
We built an island and called it ‘home’.
We were home.
Separated from judging looks and jealous creatures,
we found hope in each other’s smile.

The world was burning down around us
The only thing to hold onto was our home.
Each other.

Your lips on my head, my hands in your hair,
we were happy.

Ignored the threat coming from the water
Ignored the monsters underneath the bed
Ignored the waves getting bigger and bigger
I even did an attempt to ignore the blackness that started spreading through your veins,
just a breath away from caressing your heart.

You ignored the tears I cried
we were pretending to be happy.

The day came when we couldn’t ignore it anymore, life and faith wanted to destroy us.
Someone, somewhere just didn’t want us to be happy,

We had never been allowed to be happy.

So we screamed, yelled how unfair this was.
But facts were facts and in order to survive we were forced to surrender.

You took your suitcase and my smile, took the only ship we had.
You were gone, you’re happy.

I’m on my knees on our island, our home. I’m still fighting, still fixing the heart that left me.
but the water has almost reached my chin
and I heard you found a new ‘home’.

Left Behind


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Oh how hard it must be
to live in a world that’s full of hate
and you try to run and drown yourself in positivity
But then trouble comes knocking at your door
and you let him in, because you just can’t tell someone to walk away

even if it’s trouble

Oh how hard it must be
To try to stay blind from the lies and broken promises
From ugly messes created by the shadows
and you try to run but there’s no way to go
You cross a corner and trouble’s staring down at you
and you hold his hand, because you cannot stand to hurt him

Oh how hard it must be
To be the one who is there through this all
To be the one who steps out in the sun when it’s way easier to drown yourself in shadows

Oh how hard it must be

To be the one
Who saved me

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I got up at 6am after just sleeping 2 hours, I crawled out my bed and struggled to put jeans on. I took my bike and drove for 15 minutes, faster than I ever have.

It was about damn time I got to see a sunrise rather than a sunset.

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I carried the weight on your shoulders
and the heaviness of your guilt.

I carried them through deserts and hurricanes.
I bowed down underneath the pressure of loving you.

When we were nearly there, you took your sadness away from me and poured it into your soul.

‘I need you to let me go, I need to be free’
you said as you walked away.

You left me with nothing but empty hands,

a broken spine

and a dull aftertaste of the feeling that your silver, bitter lips, provided.

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